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Photoshoot Voucher

Independence Giveaway Voucher

Use this voucher valued at EC$100.00 towards your next photoshoot.

To claim this offer:
1. Go to 

2. Book a photoshoot package using the name and email address that you used to enter the Independence Giveaway

3. Enter the code "
GIVEAWAY2023" in the “How did you hear about us?” section of the Booking Form. 


4. Select the "Pay in Person" payment option at the end of the booking form.

*This offer is only valid for the Independence Giveaway entrants. Voucher and code expires 8th November, 2023 at 11:59pm.

Independence Promotion Voucher-03-03-03.jpg

Terms and Conditions


Booking Period - The length of time available for a person or persons to complete and submit a booking form.

Booking Date - The day that a booking form is completed and submitted.

Date of Photoshoot - The day that a person or persons reserve for their photoshoot.

This voucher is only valid for persons who entered the Independence Giveaway and did not win the final prize.


Clients must enter the name and email address that they used to enter the Independence Giveaway in their booking form.


This is a one-use-only voucher. Only one voucher can be used per customer.

This voucher is non-transferable.


This voucher cannot be used with other discounts.


This voucher is valid until 8th November, 2023 at 11:59pm.


The booking period for persons who would like to use the code "GIVEAWAY2023" is 1st November - 8th November, 2023. 


This code and its benefits will not be applied to any booking that has a booking date that falls outside of the booking period.

Bookings made with this voucher are subject to the photographer's availability.

Polished Pix Productions reserves the right to not honour photoshoot bookings made with this offer if it does not meet their terms and conditions.

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