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Elopement by Tranquil Farm, Antigua and Sunset Photoshoot

Steph and Max exchanged heartfelt vows as they stood beneath the rustic, flat-roofed gazebo that was a few steps away from their charming Airbnb cottage at Tranquil Farm, Antigua and Barbuda. Their journey to this intimate moment had been marked by a series of twists - changing their elopement venue thrice due to unforeseen circumstances before and after their arrival in Antigua. The secluded setting, off the beaten path, posed navigational challenges, so the task of sourcing Notary Publics and witnesses were additional challenges for the couple. Yet, despite these hurdles, everyone present relished the opportunity to 'set up office' in this secluded and picturesque spot, brimming with the sights and sounds of a Caribbean escape, albeit without the rhythmic cadence of waves crashing against the shore.

Amidst the challenges, the couple radiated gratitude, joy, and an unmistakable bond of love. Max entrusted Steph with the final decisions for their special day. During our photography consultations, Steph expressed her wish for the post-ceremony photoshoot to capture both the sunlit beach and the mesmerizing sunset. Since this was a destination elopement and the couple was unfamiliar with Antigua, I suggested Morris Bay Beach. It is a venue that we often recommend for couple and family photoshoots. This proposition resonated well with them because of its close proximity to the Airbnb, multiple scenic backdrops, minimal passer-bys, and beautiful sunset.

As their Antiguan elopement photographer, the highlight of the day was watching them comfortably unveil their adventurous spirits all day long.

Post-Wedding Sunset Photoshoot at Morris Bay Beach, Antigua and Barbuda


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